Dyson HP00 # PURE HOT+COOL™ Purifer Fan Heater # 430516-01

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  • EAN5025155075548
Dyson PURE HOT+COOL™ HP00 Purifer Fan Heater

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool™ purifier fan heater

Automatically removes 99.95% of allergens and pollutants as small as 0.1 microns from the air.¹

Dyson’s Purifier Hot + Cool Machines have built in thermostats which can save you up to 30% in running costs when maintaining room temperature.⁵


Senses and reports automatically

Integrated sensors constantly analyse your air, while our unique algorithm cross-checks data every second. It diagnoses pollutants at a molecular level, displaying live results on the LCD.

Captures gases and ultrafine particles

The HEPA H13 filter captures 99.95% of particles as small as 0.1 microns.¹ A layer of activated carbon also removes odours and gases including VOCs².

Fully sealed to HEPA H13

In our latest purifiers, it's not just the filter that meets HEPA H13 standard, it's the whole machine³. So what goes inside, stays inside.

Heating your whole home can be unnecessary

Heating your entire home might be unnecessary. Dyson Purifier hot + cool machines can heat the room from 10 to 25 degrees for £ 0.70, they maintain this temperature for £ 0.40 per hour for subsequent hours.⁶

Purifies the whole room

Only Dyson purifiers have Air Multiplier™ technology. It generates the circulation power to draw even distant pollutants into the machine, projecting purified air throughout the room.⁴

Key features

Triple function

Purifies all year round. Heats with thermostatic control in winter. Cooling fan in summer.

360° Glass HEPA filter

The Dyson 360° Glass HEPA filter removes 99.95% of particles as small as 0.1 microns - that's roughly 100 times smaller than a human hair.¹

Air Multiplier™ technology

Amplifies surrounding air, giving an uninterrupted stream of purified airflow.

Jet Focus control

Two powerful airflow modes give you long-range personal heating or fast, even room heating. Airflow where you want it, at the press of a button.

Oscillates at 70°

Oscillates to project, and circulate, purified air around the room.

Remote control

Curved and magnetised to store neatly on top of the machine.

¹ Tested for filtration efficiency at 0.1 microns (EN1822, ISO29463)

² Dyson purifiers were challenged with airborne SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) at an independent lab, using a 0.37 m3 chamber for 90 seconds. Dyson Purifiers were also challenged with Phi-6 bacteriophage (a surrogate to test SARS-CoV-2) at an independent lab, using a 30 m3 chamber. After 90 minutes at maximum fan speed, the airborne concentration in the chamber was reduced by 99.9 %. Real-life efficacy may vary.

³ Gas capture rates may vary.

⁴ In maximum setting. Tested for air projection, purification coverage in an 81m³ room and heating performance in a 35m³ room.

⁵ After reaching target temperature and maintaining it. Tested in a 35 m³ chamber when using the hot air mode and the product setting temperature is 25 °C. Comparing with continuous operation with power consumption of 2050W. Real life results may vary depending on room insulation.

⁶ Tested in a 35 m3 chamber when using the hot air mode at maximum temperature. Calculated using an energy price of £ 0.35/kWh, determined based on values under the Energy Price Guarantee in Great Britain as of February 2023, according to the Government data (page accessible here). Real life results may vary.

Airflow at max. setting200 l/s
Oscillation/Angle70 degrees
Base diameter with plate222 mm
Cord length1.8 m
Number of speed settings10
Air treatment typeHeater purifier
Temperature settingsYes - to the degree (0-37 degrees)
Amp width154 mm
Amp depth112 mm
HEPA filter360° Glass
Weight3.9 kg
Height632 mm
Length222 mm
Width222 mm
More Information
Manufacturer Dyson
GTIN 5025155075548
Model Number HP00 # PURE HOT+COOL™
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