Stanley SUP110EICRM Cream Supreme Deluxe 110 Electric Range Cooker With Induction Hob

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Stanley SUP110EICRM Cream Supreme Deluxe 110 Electric Range Cooker With Induction Hob


Supreme Deluxe Induction

The Supreme Deluxe has changed and has two 79 litre ovens: one multifunction and one fan oven, a separate glide-out grill, a slow cooking oven and 5 Induction hob zones with bridging option for maximum cooking flexibility and capacity.

Key Features

● Glide-out Grill – Positioned on smooth-action telescopic runners, the glide-out grill does exactly that.

● Multifunction Oven – This large 79 litre, multifunction oven offers fan oven, conventional oven, fan-assisted oven, base heat, fanned grilling, browning element, defrost and Rapid Response functionality.

● Slow Cooking Oven – Thermostatic control for gentle cooking of dishes such as casseroles or drying out meringues.

● Fan Oven – A large 79 litre, fan oven particularly suitable for baking on several shelves at one time

● Induction Hob – The induction hob is comprised of 5 zones with bridging option, with each zone the standard maximum power between 1.15kW and 1.85kW. A boost functionality, however, enables the maximum power to reach between 2kW and 3kW offering improved flexibility and controllability.

Induction Cooking

● Energy Efficient - Induction technology heats only the pan and its contents, providing up to 90. efficiency. The induction hob also features pan identification that automatically detects when cookware is removed. The cooking zones will automatically turn off when pans are removed – saving energy and improving safety.

● Fast and Responsive - It can take as little as five seconds for water to begin boiling on an induction hob. Reducing the pan to simmering is equally fast.

● Safe - Since there are no naked flames and only the pan and its contents are heated, induction is considered to be the safest hob option available.

● Uniform Cooking - Induction means you're less likely to burn the contents or cook half the dish to a crisp while leaving the rest raw and you don't need to stir as often to achieve even heating throughout.

● Easy to Clean - Induction hobs are easier to clean because the cooking surface is flat and smooth. In addition, because the surface isn't heated, any spillages won't burn on and so are easy to wipe clean.

Size (cm)110
Hob TypeInduction
FunctionCooking Only
Height Height900mm - 925mm (to top of hotplate)
More Information
Manufacturer Stanley
Colour Cream
Model Number SUP110EICRM
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